We recognise the importance of conserving energy, minimising waste, using environmentally responsible products and creating a safe workplace.

What we’ve put in place for the future

We have invested in new printing technology that reduces set-up waste and uses fewer resources than printing presses from the past. We have also removed ink waste from our product stream, with the result that we now have 99% ink recovery. All aspects of our business recycle materials wherever possible. 

MCC Auckland are also downgauge specialists. Our company has embraced ISO14001, while our Interloc™ laser cutting system has led the industry in waste reduction. It’s a process of continuous improvement.

 MCC Auckland has an ongoing commitment to waste reduction, recycling and energy conservation within both our New Zealand and Australian manufacturing facilities.

Introducing our A to Zero initiative

Our goal is to help our clients achieve zero waste from labels with the introduction of:

Liner Technology Recycling – The Hub
Thanks to our partnership with Avery Dennison, MCC Auckland are proud to present our liner recycling programme. We manage the collection and transportation process at our A to Zero hub in Auckland, so not only are you achieving zero waste, no extra work or effort is required on your part.

Linerless Labels
This is the ultimate solution for achieving zero waste for short-use labels, and we can eliminate thousands of tons of liner waste from our landfills every year. Linerless labels are made right here in New Zealand, the supply chain is easy and local.

Find out more about our A to Zero initiative now.