Foiling Technology

The label printing process that takes your product from average to premium.

Seeing a gold or silver label on a product immediately adds a level of prestige and raises the value in the eyes of consumers. If you’re wanting to be seen as a premium brand, foiling is definitely worth considering to ensure that you stand out in a competitive market. You’ve most likely seen foiling used on wine labels and luxury items, but it can be done on almost any kind of label.

While foil printing is traditionally done with gold and silver, it is now possible to use metallic colours such as red, blue or purple. This process involves impressing a thin film of foil or metallic onto your labels using a heated die so that it stays in place. You can choose to have foil applied onto a small part of your label, or have it covering the majority. The options are endless so speak to us today about how we can lift your brand image with foiling techniques.