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A wine label is much more than just an indicator of the contents of a bottle – it’s your brand in full public view while your products are on the shelf. That’s why it’s vital your wine label stands out in New Zealand’s crowded wine, beer, and spirits marketplace.

Design is a key component of any outstanding wine label, but the execution of the creativity is just as critical. Here at MCC (Auckland), we’ve been crafting wine labels since 1981 and are proud to count many of New Zealand and Australia’s top wine producers as our clients.

No matter if they’re a boutique winery, or a major producer, our clients count on our world-class prepress studio and printers to deliver outstanding wine labels. We liaise with your brand managers, designers, and agencies to set your wine labelling job up correctly and deliver a superb result every time.

Our ongoing R&D and investment programmes ensure we deliver excellent quality wine labelling at competitive prices. We have close working relationships with the world’s leading wine label printing machine manufacturers, which lets us produce a range of wine labels that attract world-wide attention and clientele.

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MCC (Auckland) are wine label printing specialists

Wine label technologies

  • Embossing
  • 3D emboss
  • Sculpting
  • Stream foiling
  • Matt and gloss varnishing
  • Hi-build screen varnish technique
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Cold foil lamination
  • Reverse side print
  • Specialty die-cutting
  • Up to 10-colour printing

Our wine label specialties

Bespoke wine labels

While wine labels are our sweet spot, we also create custom and boutique wine labels, including short and digital print runs. No matter if you’re a major producer or a boutique winery and want to trial an innovative wine label, MCC (Auckland) can make it happen. Talk to us if you have a vision for your wine label that you want to bring life.

No two wine labels are the same. We specialise in helping our clients develop new combinations of materials, facestocks, and liners. And, for a creative and unique look, consider shrink sleeve labels for your products.

A to Zero sustainability program

Like you, we are passionate about preserving our environment and have several important sustainability goals. Our A to Zero initiative is our plan to reduce waste and prevent tons of liner waste clogging our landfills. Energy conservation is also important to us and the printing technology we’ve invested in means we have been able to cut down factory and resource waste.Our sustainability commitment includes where we source our products from, our in-house practices, and how we recycle every item possible.

No-sweat label liner recycling

We have developed a liner recycling programme as part of our A to Zero initiative. Partnering with Avery Denison, we can collect and transport all our clients’ glassine liner waste, where it is recycled into tissue paper. So, you achieve zero label waste with no extra effort on your part. We also offer linerless labels, which is the ultimate solution for achieving zero waste for short-use labels.

Post-consumer waste labels

As part of our focus on sustainability, we also offer post-consumer waste labels. These are made from waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Investing in sustainable label solutions no longer means having to compromise on quality or your environmental credentials.

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials

The quality, cost, and availability of environmentally friendly materials has improved dramatically in recent years. The overall look and feel are top quality and various finishes and colours can be applied to ensure your brand is represented perfectly. Options include recycled polyester, organic cotton, bamboo, and straw.

Count on MCC (Auckland) customer service

We are not just known for our excellent finished wine label products. We believe our customer service in the wine labelling market is second to none.

We play an integral part in the complete life cycle of every wine label we produce and are always conscious of budget, plus the need to adapt on the fly to meet our customers’ needs.

This includes understanding the nuances of the local and international wine markets and being willing to adjust to help our clients meet demands like last-minute export orders.

We operate New Zealand-wide and have a dedicated Account Manager in Hawke’s Bay.

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