Digital Printing Technology & Personality

Digital printing provides a blend of speed, quality, flexibility and value for small batch printing.

While we use flexo printing for large label runs, digital printing is the right option for our customers that have smaller and one-off jobs that need to be done quickly. Setup time is reduced and we can often print many jobs for different customers in less than an hour.

Digital label printing is virtually automatic. There are no inks to mix, film to output, plates to prepare or machine calibration needed. We just take your digital file, load the label stock up and we are ready to go.

Thanks to this minimal set up, the price you’ll pay for small label runs comes with little set up costs. We can also print custom labels with different data on each one,  or multiple products at the same time using the same web reducing setup times further. Rather than printing a large number of labels to get the best price per unit, you can order the exact amount you need and know that you are getting an appropriate price.

Our digital presses print high resolution labels with vibrant colours, which are perfect for retail items. It is extremely hard to tell the difference between labels printed digitally or by flexo, allowing for ease of scaling up once your product grows market position so combining this with the cost savings and flexibility it is another option available to you.

When reaching out to your customer in the digital age, this can be done through personalization in a number of ways. Every label unique!

Our technical sales team can offer  the right solution for your required outcome.