Embossing Technology

Attract more customers with an eye-catching dimension.

Seeing an embossed label automatically makes people want to touch it, and certainly sparks interest in your product. This three-dimensional finish not only adds sophistication, but it gives your product an aesthetic appeal to stand out against your competitors. All of these things come into play when consumers are making a purchasing decision, and of course, your ultimate goal is to grow your customer base.

There are different kinds of embossing that we can do such as sculpted, raised flat, raised round or multi-level. Once we have an idea of the design you are wanting to achieve, we can give our recommendations on what will work best. We then make male and female interlocking plates or dies to be able to create the embossed labels. These are pressed onto the labels so that the design sticks out from the flat surface. You can choose to emboss logos, pictures, lettering or borders, and whatever you decide, we’ll make sure that your labels look and feel exceptional.

Embossed text, embossed images and foil stamping all add to the premium feel of labelled products.