Recycling of label waste

Thousands of metric tonnes of label waste end up in our landfills every year that is unable to be recycled. As we strive to achieve to reduce our carbon footprint and reach sustainability in our businesses, this is no longer acceptable.

Before now, recycling of label waste in New Zealand was something that we could only imagine and haven’t had any other solution but to dump our label waste at the landfill. But since Adhesif is a company that has a constant drive for innovation and improving the way we do things, we have partnered with the right people to find a better way.

Let us help you achieve zero waste in your business

Thanks to our partnership with Avery Dennison and WasteFlex Australia, Adhesif are proud to present our liner recycling programme as part of our A to Zero initiative. Avery Dennison is able to take all glassine liner waste and recycle it into tissue paper, which is win-win for you, us, and the environment. We manage the collection and transportation process at our A to Zero hub in Auckland, so not only are you achieving zero label waste, no extra work or effort is required on your part.

What does this mean for you?

By being part of our A to Zero initiative, you’ll no longer need to worry about storing and transporting your liner waste to the landfill. Our Adhesif team will arrange to collect your liner waste on a regular basis and bring it back to our hub where it will be bundled up ready to be exported overseas. From here we send it off to India, where Avery Dennison will put it through their impactful recycling process. This process can be audited, plus we will provide regular reporting on your results in reducing landfill waste.

The benefits of our liner recycling programme

  • No more storing of waste in your factory or plant.
  • Eliminates the need for transportation to the landfill.
  • Our liner recycling programme should be cost neutral, so you won’t be paying more than you already do.
  • Adhesif manages all logistics, so there is no extra organisational effort needed from you.
  • Our landfills have a lot less waste.
  • You’ll have peace of mind that your waste is recycled into another usable product.
  • Traceable, auditable, measurable.

Reduce your organisations carbon footprint

Stop thousands of tons of liner waste clogging up our landfills.

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