Shrink Sleeve Technology & Premiumisation

The growth and development of shrink sleeve labelling requires a company that understands highly specialised application techniques.

MCC (Auckland) has the printing technology and experience that can guarantee superb shrink-sleeve labels delivered within your deadline. The correct choice of technology and temperature tolerant materials is very important. With this in mind, we use the best quality P.E.T. films available.

Our prototyping software provides a 3D image of the finished product with the shrink design pre-applied. This reveals how your label design will look once it’s shrunk to fit the container, reducing time to market and minimising risk. For instance, it’s much easier to change a bar code location before the print run than after you apply finished shrink sleeve labels and the shape of the bottle affects the legibility of the code.

Premiumisation on sleeves is also now available. Foiling, tactile finishes, surface varnishes and UV inhibitors making the pack really stand out.